Questions about weddings

Wedding photo gallery Munich

1. How do we find the best wedding photographer for us?

2. What does you distinguish from other wedding photographers?

3. How does your photographic style look like?

4. Is a professional execution by the wedding photographer guaranteed?

5. Doesn’t a wedding photographer disturb the wedding society?

6. Do you offer individual wedding services as well as standard services?

7. How much does a wedding photographer cost?

8. Do we get a fixed price without any hidden costs?

9. For how long should we book the wedding photographer?

10. What exactly is a wedding reportage?

11. When is the perfect time for portrait photos and how long does it take?

12. Where do we ideally take the bridal portraits? What should we do if it is raining during that time?

13. We just want to book a wedding photographer for the bridal portraits? Is this possible as well?

14. Is it worth to let a professional wedding photographer shoot the party in the evening?

15. Why should we book an engagement shooting?

16. How does the reservation process work? When should we book?

17. Should we meet in advance?

18. How many wedding photos do we receive? When and how do we get the photos after the wedding?

19. Do you edit and retouch all the wedding photos?

20. Do we receive black and white photos as well?

21. Which camera equipment do you use? What happens if one camera is not working anymore?

22. What happens, if our wedding photo DVD gets lost or damaged?

23. Are we allowed to share our wedding photos?

24. Do you use the wedding photos for your website?

Questions about portraits (single/ family/ children)

Portrait gallery

1. Which clothes should I wear for the portrait shooting?

2. Which clothing should we wear for a family portrait photo shooting?

3. Should I bring my own accessories for the photo shooting?

4. I haven’t done a photo shooting before and I'm never happy with the way I look on photos. Should I really go for a portrait photo shooting?

5. Can I bring some photos I like and my own ideas for a portrait?

6. Can I bring a person with me for the photo shooting?

7. What do I have to consider before a portrait photo shooting?

8. Is the photo retouching of the portraits included?

9. Where does the family portrait shooting take place?

10. How do we have to imagine a family photo shooting?

11. Can I buy a voucher for a photo shooting as a gift?

Questions about newborn/ baby belly/ baby photos

Baby, children, family photo gallery

1. Which week of the pregnancy is perfect for a baby belly photo shooting?

2. What’s the difference between newborn and baby photos?

3. From which time on can we come for newborn or baby photos?

4. What should I bring with me for a baby belly photo shooting?

5. What should I bring with me for a newborn or baby photo shooting?

6. How does a baby belly photo shooting work?

7. Where do we take the baby belly, newborn or baby photos?

8. How long does a newborn or baby photo shooting last?

Questions about application and business portraits

Photo gallery and service details for application photos

1. How does a shooting for application photos or business portraits work?

2. What should I wear for an application photo shooting or business portrait?

3. What’s the difference between application photos and business portraits?

4. Do you edit and retouch the photos afterwards?

5. Do I receive the application photos and business portraits in black and white as well?

6. Which rights of use do I receive with the application photos?

7. When do I receive the finished application photos or business portraits?

8. Can I have some prints of the photos as well?

9. Do I get an invoice?

General questions

1. For how long are you working as a photographer so far?

2. What are your main areas of photography?

3. Do you use professional equipment?

4. Do you offer a general photo shooting voucher as a gift idea?

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