My specialities in photography

  • travel and landscape photos
  • outdoor sports photos
  • wedding photos
  • portrait photos
  • child and baby photos
  • family photos
  • application photos
  • still life

Bastian Linder
Bastian Linder

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My name is Bastian Linder and I was born in 1982, in Stuttgart (Germany), where Bastian Linder Photography still is located.
In 2007 I finished my diploma in business.
Since 2011 I live in Munich, commuting between those two southern German cities frequently.
Beside photographing I work in the field of e-commerce at a big sports company in Munich.

Photography fascinates me especially because of the possibility to conservate elusive moments, never happening exactly like this again.
Change is all everywhere, nothing stays the same one second after the other. The world permanently spins, changing viewpoints and perspectives.
The things we catch are just hasty loans of an extremely complex and astonishing world.
With one click I can create a room for my view on the world and its nature with all its beauty, conservate those hitting moments and share them with others.

And not at least I want to fulfill a task passionately, create photos that connect the people to one of our most magic and worthful part of the planet, the diverse and breathtaking nature. And hopefully encourage to do everything to protect that!

Beside my love with photography I heavily enjoy to travel through the world and experience new people and foreign cultures. I'am pretty sports addicted as well; during summer I'm as often as possible in the mountains for biking and hiking or on the water to windsurf. During winter I try to catch the best powder days in the Alps.

Bastian Linder
Bastian Linder

Since 2008 I spend a lot of time and concentration on the professional photography. Before that, I was into photography for many years as a hobby.

I always enhance my practical experience in photography continuously by finishing many different projects for private and commercial use.
Additionally I concentrate a lot on literature of different areas concerning taking and processing digital pictures. This autodidactic and continuous advanced training, as well as workshops, give me a lot of knowledge in the field of photography.

My characteristics as professional photographer

  • Excellent customer service and communication.

  • Usage of newest techniques of digital photography (equipment, processing etc.).

  • Duplicated equipment to be save for all kinds of technical problems during the shooting.

  • Trained perception and perfect time management.

  • Up to date photo processing with Photoshop.

  • Highest reliability and obligation.

  • Professional appearance and clothing are self-evident.

  • Discreet appearance at reportages, my experience helps to still find all the nice perspectives.

  • Flexible handling during the photo shooting: if you feel unconfident standing in front of the camera the first time, I will assist with tips in posing; if you are more experienced in front of the camera, or even love to stand there, I will give you all the needed creative space. The photo session should be a fun time, not a duty date.


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