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Customer feedback

The application photo

The application photo is probably the most important part of every application. It helps recruiters to get a quick first impression on the person, they are going to get to know more detailed by the curriculum vitae.
But not only in the CV... the importance of social media profiles like Facebook, Xing, LinkedIn and internal company websites increases the availability of profile information of you. And the photos there are the most important part, of course.

Therefore it's even more crucial, that the application photo or business portrait (sometimes also called headshot) to deliver a high quality and impressive photo.
The accuracy and effort, that we put into your application photo, is saying a lot about the importance, you are giving to your application or profile. Together we combine a perfect studio lightning with a well coached posing and facial expression, that fits perfectly to your personality.

Our aims

I have the aim, to give you full satisfaction with the taken pictures.

You will receive high quality application portraits, not any quick shots like some photo stores offer in your neighbourhood. The application portraits should distinguish from the mass photos and catch the eyes of the recruiters.

I am talking about application portraits to emphasize the difference to normal application photos. The high standards of the portrait photography will influence the way and quality of the taken photos.

The pictures should be refreshing, professional and impressive.

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